Referral Programme – Bring a Friend

We love welcoming new families and friends into our Wendon Dance Community. If you're happy with your dance classes, the best compliment you can give us is by bringing a friend or family member to join you here at Wendon.

Bring a friend and you BOTH get $30!

Wendon dancers

We’re inviting you, as a student and member of Wendon, to take part in our new referral programme. Bring a friend and you both earn $30 in dance credit when they join a 12-week dance programme.

Click here to download our list of beginner classes for your friend

Why should you bring a friend?

Well, in addition to sharing the love of dancing with someone else, dancing keeps you fit both physically and mentally. And you get to welcome them to the wonderful, supportive Wendon community that we have.

What classes can you and your friend join?

We encourage all new students to start with beginner classes unless they have had previous dance training. If you are in an advanced class, you are welcome to join your friend in their beginner class at no extra cost*!

So what are you waiting for? Bring a friend to dance with you today!

So what are you waiting for? Bring a friend to class today.

*This is based on an agreement with Wendon so please speak to your teacher, Donna or Don about this.
*To be eligible, referred students must pay and complete a full 12-week term.