The Pathway

When you start dancing with us at Wendon, we help you to plan a pathway for your dancing, regardless of the style and level you are at. So whether it is just social dancing you are after or competitive dancing that you wish to get to, we help you get started on your dancing pathway.

2016 Class Timetable

Check out our new timetable for a class to join! Give us a ring if you'd like to attend your FREE trial class and we'll help you organise it.

Latin & Social Ballroom Dancing

Social dancing is perfect for people of all ages. At Wendon, you can learn with or without a partner. Whether you want to meet with lots of new friends, enjoy non-strenuous exercise, or simply have a great night out, social dancing is for you.

Hip Hop & Theatrical Dance Styles

Here at Wendon, we offer tuition in Break, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Preschool, Tap & Theatrical Dance Styles.

Medal Tests

Once you have started with the social dance classes or private lessons, you may feel that you would like more of a challenge. This is when medal-dancing classes and private lessons at Wendon are useful and enjoyable.

Competitive Dancing

When you have completed your social & medal dancing and you are ready for something more glamorous and exciting, it is time to get competitive.