Hip Hop & Theatrical Dance Styles

There are special age-graded classes for beginners right through from toddlers 3-5 years old to adults 18 years and older. In addition, there are classes for the various grades and levels that follow on after you have completed your introduction to these exciting dance forms.

You will participate in concerts, performances and dance exams too, if you want, as these will add excitement and interest to your life. The colourful costumes add a touch of vibrancy too.

For younger and older dancers alike, these styles help to develop poise, physical coordination, self-confidence and team-building skills.

Of course, these styles of dancing are great for exercise and keeping fit too. Whether you learn for fun, personal satisfaction or as a socialising hobby, we can help you.

Call us now at (03) 9803 3100 or email us at wendonds@outlook.com.au to find out more details of our Break, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Preschool, Tap & Theatrical classes, or simply to book a place for yourself in a class.