Wendon 2018 Class Timetable

All teaching is under the personal direction of Don McRobert JP & Lorraine Perkins.

Class Levels

We have 3 different levels of classes:

  • Beginners – Slow easy basics; relaxed and at your own speed. Level 1 Syllabus. Beginner plus is a little harder.
  • Intermediate – For those who have danced for at least 6-9 months and know the level 1 syllabus. Expect faster speed, more difficult routines, and some different dances. Level 2 –3 syllabuses.
  • Advanced – For those who have been dancing for about two years. Expect faster speed and more advanced routines and technique. Level 4-5 syllabuses.

We teach 4 terms of 12 weeks, with a 4-week summer program. We do not close for school holidays or public holidays. Some junior school regular classes go into recess for 4 weeks during the summer program. Students are trained; depending on the class they attend, for social dance activities, medal tests, competitions, showcase and/or our concert.

We also offer private lessons for those wanting one-on-one technique training and correction, as well as bridal lessons for your special day.