About Wendon Dance Studio

Wendon Dance Studio has been established for over 35 years with the same management, so no one has more experience than we do.

Senior teachers have the highest qualifications available, while the other teachers are qualified at the level they teach and continue to train under supervision.

We have 3 studios in one building, allowing us to offer a variety of classes of different styles and standards, at the same time.

We do not close for school holidays or public holidays, so come on down to Wendon anytime and let our knowledge become your experience.


Don McRobert JP
Chair of W.D.C. Australian National Dance Council
President of International Dance Council - Australia.

Lorraine Perkins

The Wendon Team

Wendon Team

Back row (left to right): Lorraine- Melanie- Foong- Megan- Lexie -Josh -Donna -Noel-Franchesca
Front row (left to right): Ilynn- Vicki- Juliean- Josophine-Don